Telefunken M-80

Telefunken M-80I lost my mic in my last move. Couldn’t find it. It was a mic commonly used for drums, and I was using it for a vocal mic. So I decided I would get a new one. I chose the Telefunken M-80. It was a no-brainer for me because I heard Furthur was using them on stage, and I knew that those guys have come a long way with their quest for fidelity in audio. Good enough for them is more than good enough for me. The mic is really good. It has what I look for in a mic, and that would be the ability to render vocals with clarity and precision, with the range and emotion that singers want, and to stand up against rest of the mix on stage. This mic does that, even through my mediocre PA. The folks at Telefunken claim that the “custom wound matching impedance transformer” is where “the magic happens,” and I believe that whatever that means, it is true.Perhaps even more exciting than that were the two dozen picks I ordered from them. See, they make a 2mm graphite pick, and I like the attack and tone that such a pick can offer. I wrote someone at Telefunken about those picks and they told me that in fact they do have such a pick, and that I could purchase them. 2mm graphite pickI felt sort of guilty about the whole thing, because I imagined that the president of Telefunken himself was fielding my inquiry for a dozen picks, so I let the matter go for a while, until I started to get nervous that there would be no more 2mm graphite picks left in the entire world. Luckily, I lost that microphone and learned of the M-80 at about the same time, so I placed an order immediately for the mic and two dozen gorgeous black graphite picks with the rather slick Telefunken logo embossed on them. I am certain I was more excited about those picks coming in the mail than the mic. But both are awesome.

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